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I have been redirected to the Spanish web site when registering. I am located in Spain. But I cannot find the templates I am interested in, nor my selected favorites on the English website. It seems like the Spanish site does not have the same templates as the English one. If this is the case, I feel cheated and I want to be refunded.

It will be the same files

Change the language/version it in the bottom right of the page

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Thank you very much Charlie. I guess this will be a common problem. The Spanish index gives notably less and very different results. I you search for instance for “book mockup” with the English or with the Spanish index, you get completely different results. Even using the Spanish translation “maqueta de libro” you get considerably fewer results with the Spanish index than with its corresponding “book mockup” in the English index. This could be a major issue in terms of sales in the Spanish community. There is another confusing issue: after building a list of favourites in the English version, the list disappears once in the Spanish version. Both issues combined made me think that there were some kind of royalties limitations among countries. I hope these issues will be fixed in the future and that this conversation will help. Thanks again.

It’s an interesting bug worth flagging to the elements devs

@KingDog do you know who is best to point this out to or is it better to do a ticket?

There should not be an issue with royalties because it operates the same way the main marketplaces do which do not have that.

Good spot though - very useful

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I’ll definitely pass it on. Thanks for letting us know!