Spamer's getting Refund !! Give me guideline

I just submit an ticket to envato about spaming issue, all pls read care fully:

hellow, sometime’s ago i found my balance become minus, its seem’s on of my product named “letsbid” got refund from an client. can i know why its happed. we always provide time to time best support but still got refund. some days ago one spamer named (name removed by mod) asked refund bcz he asked me for total customization of our system thats not possible and there are no any rule here about this. still spamer’s getting refund and good support from codecanyon but not im? he download my script, i install 3 time’s on his cpanel by my own hand. still im getting loss. what is this man, its seem’s you are helping spamer for releasing nulled script. still bad review’s of that guys showing on my review’s. what kinds of seller protection you have. we are working everyday for new project and spamer’s getting refund with free download of main file’s… how funny…

–> i hope you all understand my problem, can any1 tell me what should i need to do for safety, or what kinds of seller’s protection we got.

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Sorry to hear that. keep in mind that if this was a charge-back then there’s not really much that Envato can do. If this was a refund then refunds usually aren’t issued unless the buyer has a valid reason or they’ve not yet downloaded the file. If this was a refund then you should check with support to find out why one was issued.