Spacing Issues??

Please help me to find where is my spacing problem ??


There’s spacing and padding issues the whole way through the site.

You need to let some aspects breath more, tighten up others and seriously work on consistency between different sections and features.

I cant understand :confused:

The issue is there are spacing problems with nearly every section of the site so trying to explain each one is not possible plus spacing is pretty much a fundamental basic of web design.

As an example:

  • Contact form title and form fields are spaced far too far apart even the field titles are not the same.

  • Having all centered text in different columns makes it hard to read anyhow but the 3 and 4 column layout all need to be spaced better to improve readability.

  • You have two testimonial sections. Look at the padding and spacing top/bottom of them. Completely different.

These really are just a few examples and each section needs work.

With respect I would not expect this to be approved even with the spacing corrected. It would benefit a lot from more visual hierarchy and improved styling as well, which would, in turn, also make spacing easier.

Ok Thanks alot. Can you tell me your opinion for this:
It is have the same problems ?

Yup pretty similar issues with fundamental spacing, padding, margins consistency and typography

Ok I try to fix that spacing problem …
Is still there ?

Link don’t work but I highly doubt that you could have fixed it all in that time.

With respect even if you fix spacing problems, the whole design, look and feel of both sites is very very outdated and I would have thought they would almost certainly still be rejected

Man you are killing me :cold_sweat:

I oculd easily be wrong and ma not a reviewer but:

  • you are competing in what is the top and most crowded category on he marketplace.

  • many competitors have multiple demos, one page, multi page etc.

  • Again without trying to “kill you” there are a lot of free one page sites that offer pretty much where you are.

  • That link seems to work on desktop but not mobile

  • the spacing is still very inconsistent section to section and on things like services

  • almost all the text is centrlaised

  • the type on the team members is completely different to anywhere else in the site

  • generally the typography needs a lit of work

  • there’s no social icons

etc etc etc

Again i could be wrong but really it’s more about saving you time and frustration than trying to be harsh


You successfully discourages me. :))
Now i just will play LOL

You forgot to add “container” class. (seems you’re using bootstrap)
It could also help

@JesusKostov The entire website looks very simple and can be found anywhere on the Internet for free. I may have even seen something similar in free bootstrap templates.

Anyhow, apart from the lack of originality, there are quite few spacing issues which I am outlining right underneath this sentence.

I am not going to explain in depth about the issues since @charlie4282 already did that. Just take a look at the pictures and compare the highly different margin and padding values you have in the nested div containers.

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But i add this padding cuz navigation bar … when i click “service” on navbar i go there but the navbar cover the title “service” cuz that i add padding

Try to find a way to make all this work without adding too much padding.
Tweak the jQuery code to handle CSS dynamically.
Maybe you can also take a look at media screen.

It is fine like this ?

Make sure the rest sections are also proportional when it comes to padding and margin. Other than that, it looks fine to me. :slight_smile:

Have a good day.

If you wanna try some CS GO I can play with you! :joy:

Best regards.

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