Spacing and alignment problem in themeforest theme



I am new in themeforest. I have submitted a HTML template in themeforest. It got soft reject with some comments. Reviewer said its have Spacing and alignment, typography hierarchy and typeface problem. I have corrected typography hierarchy and typeface problem. But i can not find the Spacing and alignment problem of my theme.

1. Could anyone tell me how they check Spacing and alignment of a template?
2. Are they check for responsive device spacing?
3. For which device they check responsiveness of a template? Is their any standard tool?


To receive feedback please post a url to your live demo. They way the community will be able to check it and provide their feedback :slight_smile:


This is my demo site . Please tell anyone where is the spacing & alignment, typography and typeface problem? Please tell me , this is my first theme in themeforest. @ThemeSLR


Will take a look now! Thanks for the update


###Here is my feedback for your item.
My listed points below are just some examples, there are more issues. Carefully check your item and everything will be fine :slight_smile:

Tool used to check: MeasureIt On Addon for Mozilla Firefox

  1. First major spacing issue on the header area:

  2. Top Bottom spacing is not the same. Make Heading (SOFT DEVELPMENT) bigger. Reduce spacing below the heading. Reduce spacing below the paragraph.

  3. Another basic spacing issue:

  4. Another one:

  5. Spacing issue on Member’s name. Increase top-bottom spacing from social icons. Make icons smaller.

  6. Spacing issue. + Add some sort of overlay… because that dark red does not make good contrast over your darky background. Or make icons white :slight_smile:

  7. Remove that ugly border

  8. Reduce space above post title. Broken spacing between metas (Post date / Post user). Reduce space above/below paragraph to half size

  9. Footer. Spacing issues all over the place. Make widget’s font size smaller.

Final note: Without solving these basic design issues you will not get accepted on the marketplace. Your item can be improved but you should make serious improvements in terms of spacing first of all(You have errors all over the place :frowning: ).

(*) - Take a look at some approved HTML Templates and learn from there how to improve your item. How to use typography, colors etc.

Good Luck :sunny:

Hard rejected HTML

Hi there! They check the spacing and alignment of a template using basic standards presented in the article Before our template KEO was successfully submitted, we had had several soft rejects on the design issues. When answering the last reject we provided the reviewer with a detailed explanation and screenshots to prove the quality of our design.


@ThemeSLR You are awesome.I understand what was my fault.Is there any problem with font used in my theme?


Great description. i also get softreject 2 days before. issue is spacing and alignment. thnx again :slight_smile: have a great day



I am getting same soft rejection.
SPACING AND ALIGNMENT: There are spacing and alignment issues in this item. Please make sure that all elements are aligned properly and spacing is consistent from section to section. Here are some articles with more information regarding negative space and proper spacing:,\

How I will fix it? If you can check and send some reviews, it would be perfect.

Demo URL