Space Bar is not working between words/ characters during search something

Hi all,
When I am trying to search something on Envato Elements and for that, I use the search bar, but when I type something like Book Promo at that time I am not able to make space between the words Book and Promo and unfortunately, the typed words are shown like BookPromo. I have tried many times with many words but the issue is the same on all searches.

Hi @syeds5, I checked and found search is working fine.

search results for “book promo”

I had the same issue today. Did you find a fix? I’m using a MacBook Pro, and my space bar works everywhere else. If I figure anything out, I will share it here.

Dear, I did not found any fix yet but my issue is resolved automatically. I think there is some issue at back end of Envato. They should look into this technical matter because this is so frustrating.

You can share your experience at Elements Support.