SP Page Builder - Restuarant theme

If I open up SP Page Builder, I can’t hardly do anything. If I click on settings or edit of rows, it does nothing. If I click on the Open Graph Settings tab or Publishing tab, it changes the color of the tab, like it is selected, but the screen does not change. Everything that my mouse hovers over in my status bar I get javascript:void(0) and it won’t do anything. I can click the View Page button and it will open it in a new window. That is about the only function that works. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Is it an installation issue? I have not noticed anything else being peculiar in the theme (Restaurant theme)


Have you tried contacting the author of that theme? There is a support tab along the top of the item’s description page which will give you all the details on how the author provides support.


Why would I do a logical thing like that? Sorry, didn’t even see that tab on the page. Thanks man.

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No problem :smiley: