Source map files issue

Hello everybody!

I have such a problem that I can’t solve, which is that I recently sent my script to the submit,
but for some reason, the Reviewer doesn’t have my script working in the browser, the error that the browser gives is that it tries to load the source map files, and it gets a 404 error in response, although there is not a single file with the .map extension in my script, and also not a single expression // # sourceMappingURL =

However, despite all this, The browser of Reviewer still tries to load these files, and the strange thing is that I don’t have such an error in my browser, I even tried it on different browsers, turned on and off the js source map mode, it worked without any errors .

Please help if anyone knows what this is connected with, and why the Reviewer has this happening.

here is the link ma my script I’m talking about:

They are using localhost and mostly Safari ( Mac ) so you should check the problem with another OS