Source code of an auxiliary tool. Is it mandatory?

I make JavaScript plugin that creates some animation on a web page. It works basing on some settings. Of course these settings can be adjusted manually by editing them in a text editor. To simplify this procedure I made visual editor that can generate settings automatically. That editor was made with JavaScript too.
It’s an auxiliary tool. It’s not nessesary to use. It’s not a part of my plugin. I want to include this tool into the package but I don’t want to include it’s source code (non-compressed JS).

My question is: Is it mandatory to include a source code of a such auxiliary tools?

P.S. Just want to note, that I always include Google’s ClosureCompiler in my products so that user can easily create minified JS files. ClosureCompiler itself can be considered as auxiliary tool provided without source code. That’s why I assume auxiliary tools made by me do not have to be provided along with source code too. Am I right?

Hi @fresh-look, All of your code within the main purchased download zip should be editable source code. Another option you can upload the tools in your own hosting and provide a link of the tools in the documentation for your customer to use it. Thanks

Thank you for quick answer.
What if included tool is not written by me, free to use but not open source? Does programming language matter? (JavaScript / not JavaScript)

Free to distribute commercially too?

It sounds like @mgscoder’s idea to link to the tool hosted on your severs would be sensible

in this case free distribution may not be allowed. So, you can’t include it in the main download zip. and 2nd thing all of your provided code should be non-compressed/non-encrypted.

Thank you.
The last point I wanted to make clear is does the language/platform matters? Theoretically, I can provide auxiliary tool (made by me) not in the form of code, but in the form of compiled software. It can be compiled from Java or C# for example. Should I provide source code in this case?

yes language/platform is a matter when you will sale any item. Because each market (like themeforest, codecanyon) has different category and have to maintain this category to get approve the item. you must have to provide source code all of your provided things in the purchased main download otherwise your item will get rejected. Another important things anything free offer is not allowed in the envato market. For more clear answer you should contact envato author support.