Sounds like music that could be in "matrix"?

Do you think that this sounds like music that could be in “matrix”? :smiley:

LazarIdjoski said

Do you think that this sounds like music that could be in “matrix”? :smiley:

If by that you mean, does it sound similar to the Rob D - Clubbed to Death track which was the biggest piece of the entire soundtrack for the Matrix, then yes. It has similar instrumentation, frequency use/tonal range and is very similar in musical notation.

If a director/producer for a film gave you the Rob D - Clubbed to Death track as a ‘temp/guide’ track to a scene and said ‘We want something close to this’ then I would say you have nailed it.

However be very careful, I would not advise getting any closer than you already are.

I am of course talking about the very start of your track btw, not the full thing.

If your asking for feedback on the track…then i would say yes, it fit’s generally into the sci fi electronica genre Ala Matrix…works nicely as a transitional piece and sets the mood. What I think might be an improvement is perhaps a bit more melodic content. The most memorable songs have a “hook” or some melodic theme that ties it together, I feel this piece percolates along and vamps with macro chord progressions and the dynamic is all created with pad swells, slight percussion variance, arp lines and filter effects…all nice stuff, but for me it could use that melodic content to give it a more unique personality. Overall, it’s good work tho.

thank you people for your constructive criticism :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: