Soundreef, Distrokid and Identifyy

Hello everyone, I was wondering if any of you use Soundreef in combination with DistroKid and Identifyy. I would like to upload my music to AudioJungle and distribute it with DistroKid while also protecting it and earning with Identifyy. From what I understand, it’s not a problem for AudioJungle whether you are an exclusive or non-exclusive author, but I was wondering if there could be conflicts between Soundreef (P.R.O) and DistroKid and Identifyy. I’m very confused :S


Is Soundreef a regular P.R.O like ASCAP, PRS or GEMA?

If so, no, Identifyy (or other CID) would not be a problem.

I’m looking at their website (Soundreef’s) and they say:

“just a small commission to pay on revenues generated, as is standard practice for all collecting societies.”

and then I see 19%, 25% etc. in the all-Italian document.

The commission part is not true. Most P.R.Os don’t take commission (just to cover operation costs which, spread out over all artists, would be a very very low percentage (like 0.01% or something).

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Thank you for the response! What I read on the membership agreement form I signed is “The Principal grants Soundreef the exclusive management of Rights over the Works for the purposes of granting licenses for the Duration and in the Territory, or entrusting their management to third parties pursuant to the preceding article.”


That didn’t make it any clearer for me. No idea what’s going on with them or what it is exactly that they are supposed to do…

Soundreef will collect monthly reports regarding your music usage on Youtube only if you opt into Content ID through either your distributor Distrokid or Identifyy, just don’t opt into Content ID through both because Content ID is always exclusive, Facebook Monetization as well. There is no conflict between Soundreef and Distrokid. Identifyy covers Youtube Content ID and Facebook Rights Management so that should be fine as well.

There is contact form on Soundreef site. I am sure they will answer and clarify.


Thank you! :pray:t2: I have written to Soundreef and I am waiting for a reply. I also wrote to Identifyy explaining the situation and they told me that there are no problems from their side.


I’m in Soundreef since 5 years…but now they convert in a scam company. Since one year NO ONE reply on my mail, don’t exist any social network message recent, don’t exist ANY telephone number for call them. The big problem is that you can’t stay in another collecting company IF you are active with another one!. From the Soundreef control panel I can only delete my songs…but not my profile…and nobody answear at your email. Stay away from Soundreef…All “direct” contact I had now don’t work more for this company, and they told me that ALL people go out of this company for find a better job…a disaster!