Anyone have the contact details for the chap who used to run the excellent soundizer service?

They are @soundizer.


Wow that is a crazy way to go. Very sad too. Wish I had the brains to put something like that together.

It’s bad :disappointed_relieved:

Just out of curiosity, what exactly did you two use Soundizer for?

I’ve been slowly working on my own version of it for finding unidentified tracks here on the forums. I recently realized it could be used to identify stolen tracks, too! (I’m going to automate this in fact :stuck_out_tongue:)


Great idea Allen!

I found it useful for giving clients a search function.

Of course if you’re making your own that would allow you to use it as an affiliate tool with your own referall link as well! Very clever :slight_smile:

I wonder how expensive the hosting costs are…

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