Sound track

hi i purchased the
Blockbuster Trailer 4 , MAXIN PARAMONOV, how to buy the soundtrack ?

Hi! Please clarify your question. Have you already bought a track or downloaded a preview and want to buy this track?

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It’s a bit unintuitive, but I think you are looking for this track:

That is the music used in Maxim’s ‘Blockbuster Trailer 4’ videohive product.

Just FYI, if you need to find music that is used in videohive products again in the future, the link to the music track is usually found at the bottom of the videohive item’s description.

HI , yes thank you its the 5, thank you for the help i did buy the after affect templat Blockbuster Trailer 4, but it wasn’t clear how to buy the soundtrack

sorry for the stupid question ,i see know :slight_smile: yes