Sound Track Required | Sample Attached


Hello Creative AudioJungle folks,

I was wondering if any one has or came across similar music on AudioJungle. Looking forward to purchase a broadcast license ASAP. Audio Sample below.

Thanks Guys



the only thing i have remotely similiar is this



Here are some suggestions:

For more, feel free to browse my portfolio and Music Packs.

Thank you !


Hello! If you looking for hybrid sound, then check this:

- Reminiscent

- Epic Adventure

- Untold Legends


Hi MotionLife - I have an Ident that is similar: Halloween Ident
This may also hold some similar elements: Epic Halloween
And one more possibility: Time Bomb Trailer
I hope you find what you are looking for!


Maybe one of the tracks from:


Time of Fantasy



Try this items:


Hello MotionLife check this out.


Maybe this:

There are beats, eletronics and strings. Good luck!


check this track




This is pretty similar:
Drum & Bass Breakbeat


@MotionLife if its still required, please check this track:


Hi MotionLife.Maybe this