Sound placeholder question

I have a simple question. In my Ae project I am using sound collection in which 3rd melody is the one I use. Should I mention it in description or move music placeholder so client will put melody and it will be in right place or anything else.

The best way is to make a placeholder. But this method is not ideal. There may be 2 problems:
First problem is that the preview of the audio track does not always match the original that the customer receives after the purchase. I had an unpleasant experience. During the work I used a preview. And when I bought and replaced the track, they did not match. Even the MP3 and WAV versions of the same track did not match from the purchased ZIP file.
The second problem is that in the preview all the tracks are merged together into one sound track. And so it’s impossible to make a placeholder for a music track, which after the purchase will be separated from other versions.

Watermarked MP3 & Bought MP3:

Bought MP3 & Bought WAV:

And it’s sad. Audiojungle authors must be more careful, and making their products perfect & 100% ready for use

Thank you for advice

Check this short tutorial -

This is what I was talking about. But this method does not solve the two problems I wrote about :point_up:

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