Sound Pack Question

Hi, I have a question regarding sound packs. I submitted a pack containing only sounds that have been previously accepted and the pack had been rejected. Is that possible or it has been a mistake?

What says the email exactly?

It’s standard rejection comment:
“This submission does not meet our general commercial utility standard.
To understand commercial stock sound requirements better, please read the following article”.

You need to tell the reviewer that the files are in the portfolio. There are many reviewers.

I know some hard rejected packs reported. But without more information is complicated to know in this case.

Watch out, they might remove items from this pack from your portfolio :joy:

That is not funny Szymon! :wink:

There is no “SFX Pack” upload option in your dashboard. It doesn’t work like music packs. You can’t pack already published SFX together. You can, however, upload an item that comprise several different sound clips that were not previously published on AudioJungle.

I guess it’s possible though I haven’t faced it personally. Reviewer gives the decision about your currently submitted item (pack), not about previously approved ones. Perhaps he found the pack not suitable for the market.

Agree that the pack of three or five previously approved sfx from different categories not organized thematically is not needed for market (It’s as example, I don’t know your case).

Thanks. There are 15 items in this pack and now I see that two of them might not precisely fit in there.

@PurpleFogSound this category allows you to upload a pack of sfx existing in portfolio already.

Oops, my bad!
I thought I had a sound pack rejected because of this. But it was years ago, and my memory could be fuzzy. Sorry for the confusion.


Maybe it could be the reason?

Personally I think it’s weird option though. :slight_smile:

Yes, it might be possible. I have written to the support and I will tell you the reason later after I receive a reply.

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