Sound items. First upload. All sounds hard rejected

Hello everyone! I’ve made my first upload of batch of sounds. Each of them was hard rejected because of “does not meet the general commercial quality standard”. I though i made a qualitative sound of these items…
Could you please help me to understand what’s wrong with em?

Maybe the volume is too low.
I have no experience in sound items. But i this could be the reason

Mmm, yeah, maybe you could boost the volume a bit through limiting and maximizing. Other than that, I can’t see a reason for hard-rejection. Quality wise I think they are great.

First of all i hope you got more luck with your new sounds and everything is fine…since this is from feb 25 :slight_smile:
But i dont think it has anything to do with your volume levels. So go easy with comp.and limiting. It’s actually unhealthy Stock audio trend. Everything is up to -0.1, otherwise customers wont notice it. I know, i do it from time to time. Anyway i think i know what seems to be a problem with your sounds.

Metal hit - way to wide stereo for a single hit, untamed transient that got 70% of your chance of sounding good and loud enough with preserved frequency spectrum. You might want to think about recording technique / mic placement in order to get solid stereo base. If you use handheld rec. with fixed mic position maybe you should consider recording in mono and then make it dual mono/stereo (depends on the nature of sound/recording)

Paper Crumple - once again, stereo base bit too wide, and also alternating from left to right channel. Don’t move your microphones while recording. I think that is the main problem. And to be honest that paper doesn’t sound that interesting. Think of the commercial quality and utility.Constant unconvincing crumple isn’t something that’s going to sell.

Wine - first of all, you need to choose which one are you going to record and use. Bottle - table contact sound or wine pouring sound. Then you make two separate sounds. You have AJ instructions on that topic. But most importantly, what do you think it’s important about the sound of wine being poured? Is it ‘glo glo gloo’ sound of liquid coming out of the bottle or the sound of wine getting into glass? Exactly. So you need to find the balance. And do your comp.and eq.

You should pay attention to your recording technique. It is the most important thing when you deal with acquisition of aural content. There is no way you could ever make poorly recorded material into exciting and interesting sound. Audible? Yes, for sure. But convincing and interesting - never. So, think about that and follow AJ instructions and you should be fine.

Man this is so normal just keep uploading and check latest items to understand what they want