Sound Effects included in Motion Graphics

Hello everybody!

Please, could you help me with my question!
I saw some motion graphics (or after effects templates), in which author write:
“Sound effects included”.

So, I want to add audio track with sound effects to my item.
Can I download some sound effects from (for example), mix them and create “new sound effect” to my videohive item? If I can do it, what licence do I need?

Or may be it’s wrong way and I have to record my own sound effects, mix them as I want and add them to my Videohive item?

Thanks for help!

This is the correct answer, you have to create sfx, Better to be safe than sorry

In theory CC0 Public Domain license allow it. But do you sure that author of the sound really understand what it’s mean? Or do you sure that the guy who upload sounds under Public Domain is the real author?
For example on they have photos under CC0 license. But on third of them (in file details) there are copyright notes, like: “Copyrigth 2017 John Smith”. So what does it mean? Public Domain means there is no any copyright, file or photo belongs to everyone. But there is a copyright note, the author claim it!
So many people don’t understand what they do, and how do it properly. Best thing you can do, is to ask author directly.