Sound Effects Hard Rejections - Why?

Hi, I started my journey on Envato Market over 3 years ago and have been uploading sound effects throughout this time with only a SINGLE case of a hard reject. The rejection also had an explanation as to why the file was rejected. I upload two small sound effect packs after some absence on the market and now both of them get a hard reject, which is ridiculous.

Still use the same gear, use the same process… I process all my files, I even list out each and every single file (along with it’s lenght) in the description. I don’t tag stuff that is not related. Did something change on audiojungle? How come these sounds are not usable??

The police siren one - I went through all this trouble of stumbling upon a police car that was in a remote location, dragging my gear with me along the way, talking to the police officer to be so kind and let me record all these sounds… cutting them, making into perfect loops and now a hard reject. Seriously??? Because of what?

Anyone of you guys knows something I don’t?

You can take a look at these sounds here:

Police Siren:
Listen Here

All feedback is much appreciated. Anyone else experience similar problems lately?
It’s really discouraging

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