Sound effect license

I want to use this sound effect in all my Instagram posts:

I am confused a bit on how the license work, I have subscribed today, every time I need to use this sound effect I must register it in my downloads? or I just download it one time and keep using it?

What do they mean exactly that I must register every time I use it?

My question is, can I download it one time and keep using it for my Instagram posts, or I must download it each time I want to use it? thank you all <3

Yes, any time you use an Elements item more than once, the use has to be registered. It ensures authors are properly compensated for multiple uses.

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No need to download it again each time though – you will see a button on your downloads page to “add a license” without downloading. This is what they mean by “register” – you need to add each and every project where the asset is used.


Thank you for your response bailey, am going to use this SFX on all my Instagram posts Outro, I need to register it every time? I have already did the " Add License" part

If it’s the same exact outro each time, then the outro itself is the end product, and you only need to register the outro itself once on Envato Elements.

Relevant FAQ: