Sorting search results...

If I search for Wordpress plugins with the keyword “Spam” and then choose “Sort: Best sellers”, I don’t get the best selling spam-plugins sorted. Instead, it displays ALL best selling plugins, completley disregarding my “spam” keyword. Why is this?

The sort feature is pointless unless it can sort through what I’m actually looking for… this has been bugging me for one year now, thought I would get it out there.

I think that is all dependent on the item as if you take a look on this search:✓&term=spam&view=list&sort=sales&date=&price_min=&price_max=&sales=&rating_min= (The search you would have performed)

On that page if you notice all of them have the word “Spam” in either the item description or tags which is why it pops up on the search unfortunately!

I see! Thanks Palzme, that seems logical. Not very useful, but at least it’s not a bug.

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