Sorting in HTML category is broken

In HTML category sorting is broken, pops up randomly in different sub categories, but in Admin templates it’s always there.
@KingDog can you please pass this issue to devs?

Sorting filter of other categories as Wordpress, eCommerce, etc also have error.
I’m tried sorting filter with best seller woo items in the last year and this is result :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

Also broken in AudioJungle search engine

On Themeforest as well!

@andrewfreeman @jamesgiroux @johnsyweb @scottwills

Guys please take a look, this is critical…

…and it work perfectly on Cyber Monday landing page

Sorting is also definately broken on CodeCanyon. Most obvious example is when attempting to sort prices from high to low. I think anyone will confirm that this isn’t high to low:

Happens for me in all browsers. Best sellers, best rated and sorting for price all appear to be broken. Only ‘newest items’ appears to work (on the first look).