Sorry I have an urgent question to ask you about identifyy

I don’t understand why some tracks under 30 seconds are accepted while for others I receive an email that is too short or too short compared to the 30 seconds allowed. I do not understand, for example some even under 20 seconds are accepted @RedOctopus

I don’t know either. There is a rule that Youtube CID doesn’t accept shorter tracks than 30sec but I’ve seen recently that some shorter tracks can be accepted. However I am not sure if they can really generate any findings. You can also ask an Identifyy support about that and share with us the answer.

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I don’t understand this email, it doesn’t make much sense, try to read. First he says they are too long, then too short

Hi Alex

Thank you for reaching out and taking time to submit your music to our platform, we’re excited to work with you sunglasses

Unfortunately, our REVIEW team was not able to APPROVE your submitted tracks as they are too long for us to accurately fingerprint your Copyrights.

Please make sure that all of your track submission remain no shorter than :30 seconds and no longer than 10:00 minutes.

For now I’ve gone ahead and DENIED this original submission. Please feel free to resubmit your tracks within the time constraints and we’ll be more than happy to move forward from there.

We’ll be on the lookout for your new submission eyes

Best Regards,

My tracks will go from 10 to 30 seconds. Some less and some more

just upload looped file to maintain the length requirement (30s)

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ah really, looping? and does it work this way ??

It’s probably simple mistake, it should be “they are too short” in your case :slight_smile:


there is no other way so i think it is good to try

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oki I’ll try, thanks in the meantime !! I’ll let you know

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I tried to reload now, both the shorter and the longer ones are live in the system. I don’t understand but this means that they have been accepted right ?? after when can I see who uses my sounds? will it also be possible to see what video? @RedOctopus

if it says it is live in the system, it is live in the system so it is approved,

every quarter you will have a list of detected videos, statistics and earnings in a place marked with an arrow


also the statistics update slowly, so I advise you to wait a minimum of 2 quarters to draw conclusions

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thank you very much, you were really kind and you explained me perfectly!