Soprano Theme and WPBakery Issues

Good Afternoon!

I need some assistance with my Soprano Theme and WPBakery - can someone help?

When I start to use some of the WPBakery features, I lose the top photo on my site and everything goes underneath the menu portion.

The screenshots are posted below. Screenshot #1 shows how the site looks withotu any WPBakery features - and Screenshot #2 shows how the site looks without them. (The “ddd” in my screenshots is just a little junk text I added in.)

I’m sure there’s just some box I need to be checking but I don’t want to lose the image and the “Home” text at the top (will replace “Home” with something else later).

Thanks in advance for your help!



Contact with your purchase item author hope they will help you out from your issue.


I was having this same problem. I’ve been battling it for months, before finally giving up. Now I’ve pushed it off until 2 days before a huge conference,l and the theme has decided to take my site down altogether. I’ve confirmed with my host that the theme is to blame. Apparently it’s not compatible with the latest version of PHP. I have 2 days to get this sucker up and running, or I may be out of a job, if not already. I know they’ve been thinking I was to blame for how the site kept removing the featured image. I just now discovered this forum! Why didn’t I find it sooner!