Songtrust claims to track Royalties that your PRO can't

I’ve came across this service which claims to track broadcast royalties around the globe which normal PROs apparently can’t.

So far my PRO has anly be able to track royalties in english speaking countries, but I’m sure my tracks have been used on TV in asia. Songtrust apparently is able to claim those royalties. They are charging 100$ entrance fee and 15% of the royalty outcome.

Has anybody any experiece with them?

I’ve seen the claims. I have no experience with them. However, one thing to keep in mind is that royalties coming from a lot of countries around the world are much smaller than royalties in the US & Europe.

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Nope. I would love to hear about any experience with them.

I’ve got royalties from other countries too though nothing from Asia, Africa or South America yet. (?!)

If we discuss about e.g. Youtube royalties, imagine getting 10$ from every country all around the world. Multiply it by circa 200 countries and you will get 2000$. Yes, it’s more complex, as I’ve explained it here but THE SCALE is the most important thing when it comes to collecting RF royalties. Services like SongTrust are specialized in this automatic royalties tracking and it is the future of PROs which are based on paper documents still and do not catch up technology well enough for us. I don’t know which services are the best now but I would love to hear about the SongTrust experience.

Which claims? Did you ask them for the estimation?

I’ve seen their half-automatic form which allows you to choose only tracks realeased by digital services like Spotify. Note: the estimation is based only upon the US & Canada streams and suggests that it’s all about the Digital Services. What is interesting maybe it focuses on mechanical royalties which are pain in neck of the diffused tiny royalties. And which are relatively easy to collect if you’re a composer of radio songs… RF uses are the worst to track :slight_smile:

They say:

We register your songs with more than 50 performance, mechanical, and digital societies

So maybe they register tracks in all those small PROs like MLC in US, STOART in Poland which collect e.g. only mechanicals or only performers’ royalties? Interesting.

What interests me the most is that they say:

Even if you’re affiliated with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, PRS, SACEM, or other collection societies, and/or have your own publishing company, you can gain new revenue streams

Interesting. I am sure they collect something. But how much of RF uses they are able to track? Good that you monitor this, such services should become efficient in the (near?) future, even for us.

I meant the claims that they can collect everywhere. Would be cool to find out somehow from someone who has experience.

You’re right about scale. I have for example a song out that gets lots of streams worldwide and i remember it having thousand or more streams in Vietnam which netted me 0.0004 which rounded off to €0.00 via my PRO.
Of course this is just digital streaming.

So yes potentially it could earn more but again hope someone with experience with this particular service replies here.

We can always send the official inquiry to SongTrust as the Envato Community. The Identifyy example showed that we can make mass registration if that’s profitable so we may expect more detailed support as the Community.

Let’s wait for someone’s experience first.

That. And regardles how much it is, the money belongs to the righteous holder.

Were not talking streaming here. Streaming is pennies, it’s not even worth talking. Were talking about performance royalties here.

Of course but performance royalties won’t be as high in those countries either and a lot of them already find their way through pros into our accounts as they get better and better.
For example the Dutch pro Buma Stemra just started implementing a new system which can almost track playback realtime anywhere.
It’s a matter of weighing if it’s worth to waive another percentage of what is already yours anyway.

The good thing about them is that you can only register the songs you want and leave after a year.

And about mechanical royalties as well. And performer’s royalties which are separate in some countries. Etc.