Songs placed on MTV and Fox are getting rejected here?!

It’s just an elaborate description of what i wrote.No unbalanced mix , cohesive arrangement, more background oriented.Nothing to do with the old/new style.Regarding my repertoire.1 : I never quantize my tracks.Everything is played live and recorded.With the exception of drums/brass and basic drums everything os live recorded.So nothing is tight to the grid.Is just clean performance.And yes.Simple, in order to fulfill the demands.Customers perception is not as trained as musicians, so less is more.

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Amazing work!

How do I place my rejected tracks on MTV and Fox? Where to send the request? Thanks


Nah… you are on Level 5 here. You can buy MTV now.

haha! right? I had an agreement with Tinderbox music that got my songs placed on about 15 shows with MTV and Fox used it for NASCAR. Not sure if Tinderbox is still around, but check them out!

If you upload a vocal track, you should upload an instrumental version along with it. i believe that is where the ‘doesnt have commercial quality’ comes from.
With an instrumental version, an editor could cut between the original mix and instrumental as they please to make it fit better in their video. Having this possibility will enhance the ‘commercial quality’ of your track, making it more accessible.


So good voice, so excellent work👏

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This is insane, this song is amazing, also it has happened to me before that a reviewer rejected an awesome track that was placed in a video game and it was perfect.
There must be a resubmision for cases like these. Its frustrating to wait for 15 days + and while you know that the track is great, you get rejected because of reviewer’s own psychology was in a bad mood and misjudged it.


How about 2 ways of approval. One reviewer is checking all the song and its files and all, and if he rejects it, another reviewer checks again only the preview so he judges. This way a fair judgement is happening.


I’ve done a ton of tv and commercial placements as well and had one rejection that was a giant head scratcher. As a fellow composer using vocals, my only thought is that the vocal is very very out in front. Perhaps it feels less like something that will accompany visuals and more like something that takes the show (which is usually a groovy thing outside of commercial licensing)I suggest just moving forward and keep uploading solid tracks. All the best!

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I did an instrumental version as well, which was also rejected!

Man, I love this tune! It might rather be a good pick for a boutique library than for AJ.

Here’s why I think the track has gotten rejected:
Audiojungle has “it’s own sound”. Listen across their portfolio and try to get a feeling for the “AJ-Sound”. It’s different (not always but often times) from other libraries with a focus on corporate, “perfect” music.

Your track is human. The guitars are not quantized (which I personally dig!) and the drummer foot seems to search for the pedal at 0:46min and in some other places (1:01). To me that’s a good thing. To AJ rather not.

But I think it has more to do with the style of music. The track could be on the radio, but sync music for presentations and ads might be a different story.

Lately a “Modern Brit Pop” track of mine was rejected. I have put a lot of work into the cue with over 60 tracks in total, most of them being live recorded. Still (or that’s why) no success.
Other cues of mine that are way more simple get accepted right away and have sales.

Nevermind, absolutely nothing bad about your track at all. Probably just no “fit” for AJ.

Still I personally love your craft!

All the best man, your awesome!