Songs placed on MTV and Fox are getting rejected here?!

Can someone give me some insight? I’m wondering if the bit rate is off or something. I’m submitting instrumental tracks that have landed placements on MTV, Nascar, and Fox, but are getting rejected on Audio Jungle for quality reasons?? Any advice is helpful. I’m wondering if it’s something in the conversion rate?song that was licensed by NASCAR and Fox, rejected here.


If it were about the conversion rate or other technical issues, you would have gotten a soft rejection with instruction on what to amend.

You can upload your rejected tracks here to get feedback.

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Many who receive a reject list these tracks here.
Can I listen to this track?

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Just added a link to my original post. Appreciate the help!

It sounds good!

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Was it rejected for technical quality or commercial quality standard?

Man, your music is too good for Audiojungle. Sounds really good and unique. But Audiojungle is different market. Maybe reviewer heard non-100% quantized guitar in first bars and even don’t listen what next. It so sad, this music is really nice!


Don’t have much to say about it. I don’t see any obvious flaws that usually come with rejected tracks. I know they’re usually stricter when there are vocals, but here I don’t know.

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Here’s what the email said - “this item does not quite meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle”

Thanks for the kind words! I’m just trying to place in multiple markets, to help in these Covid times! I do have an array of instrumentals too, some are getting placed on AJ!

Man it’s a good track, very strange “commercial quality” reject. :hushed:

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That is a great song and i doubt the reviewers rejected it due to the lack of quality, but its utility. AJ market is more neutral background-ish genre. But ,also could be a subjective approach.

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Appreciate that insight!

Great track! Rockin! The thing with AJ, at least from my point of view, is that they are focused on TV adds market. So, no unquantized stuff, no vocals, no old mix sounding track, no old sounds… I have only 4 hard rejects so far and this is what I learned so far…

And it seems to me the subjective approach is widely used here… everyone knows what your track is missing after it has been rejected. Which is not the case with your track because its great.

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Absolutely not true.90% of my selling are coming from retro/vintage genre. The sound has nothing to do with the approval ratio.Mixing is absolutely a subjective matter and AJ reviewers are aware of this. Unless the mix is really unbalanced and messy, everything its about the composition, arrangement and vibe.

Great, then why this track got rejected?

Like i just wrote above. AJ is more neutral / background oriented. I am not a reviewer, so my opinion is pure subjective.

Ok. Bottom line is that every opinion even the opinion of a reviewer is subjective. So there is no exact rule to go by. But if you read the guide there are hints on what I wrote if you look carefully. I’ll quote a few…

  1. Music on AJ is for Video work - “Music’s primary role in nearly all commercial projects is supportive. It is meant to enhance and compliment the visual message”
  2. No sudden tempo changes - “unified and cohesive musical structure is an asset for commercial utility”
  3. I guess this could go to guitar doubling - “Your track should not have distinct musical elements in the same register”
  4. No solos - “Since music occupies the supporting role in commercial media, it’s not usually a good idea to produce excessively elaborate virtuosic solo passages”

and so on…

And by the way I was now listening to your online tracks Soundtrickz and as you say they are inspired by the jazzy, bluesy and vintage sounds and styles but it is quite simple sounding and mixed very modern and smacked so tight to the grid that no jazz genius would ever managed to play it like that.

So I stand by my statement… 1. Grid 2. Simple. 3. Must sound fresh 4. MIxed Modern… don’t know what else…

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Great track. Like much that has been said here, mostly focus on background music or very catchy music that immediately starts with a chorus or hook. The quantise aspect does not really matter I think. I often “un quantise” my music to give it some natural feel.
I have successfully re-submitted some tracks after a hard reject by remastering them or editing them.


Good to know it could be done!

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