Songs getting rejected

I don’t understand why my songs keep getting rejected. Are there any criterias to follow? or anyset guidelines? pls do give some inputs as this is really bumming me out…


Please upload the rejected tracks (soundcloud should be ok) in order to receive some feedback.We cannot advice you without hearing what it’s all about.

Thank you very much for replying. Please do check the link out


And this is my second track.

Please guide me in the right direction as its kinda getting very frustrating


You have to control music like your speech. When you speak you have to say something that counts, and not have your friends laugh or something if you say some nonsense, same with music, you are speaking with instruments… otherwise is best to keep silent if you do not have something to say! You have to keep in mind, the idea of where the songs is going to be placed and what is it about, and not have disruptions and random stuff here and there.

After my philosophical way to critique, I think you have to be careful to make songs that fits a specific market, and not like make something thats all over the place. Keep an idea in mind and make the songs!

Also your music is not bad, just arrangement and structure and transitions need some work. Good luck man!

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Ok.Regarding first track.The vibe is ok.The chord progression is good aswell.From my point of view.Please note that i am not a reviewer and this is a just a subjective opinion.There are some kind of discrepancies between the chill,positive vibe of the chords and leads and the rhythm section.The drums are a bit aggressive and harsh.Also the groove seems unbalanced.Try to add some off beat elements in order to keep the balance towards 2/4 .The mix is clean and it might benefit from a bit of more reverb here and there.Also , do not forget transitions.These details help the videographers a lot and will encourage them to use your tracks.
For the second track.Despite the fact that you named it chillwave, there are a lot of elements from future bass, future pop. There are some rhytmical issues and some dissonances.Maybe they were deliberate,but for sure they do not help the track, at all.Also, all your leads and chords are focused on center. Try to experiment a bit by spreading the stereo image.And, again.This genre needs a bit more spacey atmosphere.So, the reverb is an important part of the sound design. ( That issues might be due to the fact that you mix in headphones or you are too close to the speakers.) Hope that helps.

Thank you for your honest feedback

Thank you for your feedback and tips…

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