Song was rejected...
What is the problem? may you explain me what are these standarts???

The first 30 seconds sounds more like a collection of sound effects. Although you are hearing sounds like this in trailers you watch, they are not actually part of the `music’, they are additional sound design added with the intention of catching certain moments in the visuals. The rest of your composition works very nicely and is well done indeed!!! Also, the short choir moments in the first 30 seconds are a bit fake and synthy.

What if I remade it? I mean change intro on more realistic and instrumental and add more life in composition? Will it possible to upload the file again?

From what I’ve seen on the forums, I believe you are allowed to re-submit a rejected item provided you substantially improve and alter it. It might be a good idea to check first though, personally I’ve never re-submitted a rejected track. I really like the strong sections of your track and I have no doubt that you could get it approved with the first 30s removed.

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thank you so much, i will try