Song Title Success Discussion


Hello Everyone!

I just finished a future base style track (think ODESZA) and I am trying to think of a title for it.

One thing I’ve seen a lot in the small amount of time I’ve been here are songs titled “This Is [Genre]”.
Do these titles work for people? Do you think titles like that are better than something more descriptive like “Dreamy Future Bass Pop” or something like that?

What song title tips do you have for everyone?



I’m also new but something tells me the descriptive adjectives and genre title belong in the tags and you should name the track something creative, something that you would call it if was in your album. Or something that stands out from every other similar track and at the same time conveys the emotion of the track perfectly.


@OvertSounds Thanks for sharing your perspective!


From my experience, titles don’t affect sales much (unless you name a future bass track “funky whistling”). So if I were you I wouldn’t bother much with the title. There are authors who name their tracks “Inspiring Uplift & Motivation 6” and do pretty well :wink: .


@ChesterSound Allright, thanks :slight_smile:


In my experience titles affect sales/pageviews a lot! So if its a future bass track I think the best would be to call it Future Bass. Sad, but true (?).


I think there are some song titles that really deserve our great respect and true awe! “The Epicness” for example, is one them that make me feel a little nothing living in this planet and it really deserves my absolute reverence. If a sacred fearsome something is called “The Loch Ness Monster” why not call a track “The Epicness”?!
Well, but I think something like “Inspirational”, “Inspiring”, “Inspirical”, “Inspiricness”, “Inspiricalinesstic” (you name it) is much more effective. The search engine seems to love it and, most probably, will become the standard in the near future!


@Hyperprod Thanks!


Hey @BloomAudio. I guess best title is : “Future Bass Electro Edm Modern Pop Uplift Upbeat Inspiring”
:slight_smile: i am joking but if you search on AJ you’ll find something similar to this title for sure.