Song rejected - HELP PLEASE!

I got this tune rejected, which I was pretty confident would get picked up :frowning:

Here’s the audiojungle response:

Audio must be fully composed, arranged, mixed and/or mastered to a commercial standard, and have reasonable potential utility to our commercial buyers, for their varied projects. Ideal audio submissions should demonstrate the ability to support multiple visual works in general. A higher degree of general commercial viability would therefore be required

And here’s my track (audiojungle version was from 0:17 mark):

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Yes your track is good for listening like ambient music. Actually i think your track can be used on some case.
But maybe it’s too experiment here for customers. Hope you get better luck. I love your end part. The Pad ambient sound very good to me like some Coldplay song especially at 2:40s. What the source ( vsti, synthesizers?) you have used for? Thanks.

Thanks! Yeah it’s so hard to tell hey, coz they mention production and engineering but I honestly don’t hear the problems on that side of things. And showing it to my girlfriend who works in brand agencies her mates rekon it’s very similar to tunes they use to advertise luxury apartments so yeah…very confusing as to why it doesn’t cut it here!

Yeah was really feeling Coldplay vibes for this one! Ah the pad sound…is actually a guitar haha! I used Valhalla Shimmer on my Ibanez and just strummed it like crazy all the way up the neck. Works a treat :wink:

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Thank You for your information.