Song Rejected - does not meet the general commercial quality ...

This song has already found another market because I was asked to not re-submit it. The review team asked me to seek guidance in this forum. Why was my middle eastern song rejected?

I watched the video and read the article about top rejections by Envato.
I need a musical expertise why this song failed to make it to AudioJungle?
Thanks in advance
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Several things, so I’ll give you feedback on it one by one: The intro is too long and monotonous, the choirs and synths in it sound a bit too digital and there are awkward cuts at 0:17 and 0:26. I recommend you cut it out completely and start the song at 0:32. Send the drums right in as soon as the song starts, and you’ll have the listener’s attention right away. Remember, customers only take like 18 seconds to decide if they buy a song. When it comes to stock music, always avoid long intros at all costs and get to the point quickly.

When it comes to the middle parts of the song (the meat, if you want), most of your percussion and plucked instruments are relatively ok. But the bass and the synth arrangements sound too digital and not organic enough. If you upload a song like this, stick strictly to the percussion and the plucked instruments and leave out the not-so-great sounding synths, you might have something interesting in your hands. And yes, you can also shorten the song to around 2 or 2 and a half minutes, so you’ll have less part repetition. Try to identify what the song really needs and what can be cut out, and you’ll have a fresher and more dynamic track. Cheers!

@FiniteMusicForge, thank you for these useful tips. The big damage was in that intro. I’ll just skip it and try to re-morph the rest of the track. Once again thank you.