Song Name Advice Needed

My vocal logo just released. It’s called “We Are So Awesome.” The problem is that there are 3 additional versions included: “You Are So Awesome”, “He Is So Awesome”, and “She Is So Awesome.”

When I uploaded the song, I set the title as
"We Are So Awesome Logo (You Are, She Is, He Is)." But due apparently to naming convention rules, Audiojungle removed the (You Are, She Is, He Is) part of the title. I have a couple other songs to upload that have the same setup, with multiple word insertions. Any suggestions for a title they will accept that better tells the buyer what the versions are? If so, I would rename this one.

Hi @ClassicBeauty. Wow, that is so infectious!! Sorry if this won’t help but you might want to consider selling every version of those awesomenesses in separate upload, not as additional versions. Good luck with your sales, I really believe your tracks gonna explode! Made my day and still listening, awesome!

Everything Is Awesome? :slight_smile: