Song License? Audiologo?


Hi there, I want to purchase a song at Audiojungle (“Add Loudness”). I am graphic designer and I’d really like to use 20
seconds of this theme as an intro for my videotutorials (and upload
them to my blog and youtube…). The problem is that I don’t know if i can
purchase it for that purpose, because the licence says: “Use in one end
product”. And I want to use it in the intro of all my videotutorials
(always the same 20 seconds part)… That’s the problem: Can i purchase
it for that purpose? …and if it is yes… What Licence should i choose?

What is the difference between choosing a song or an audiologo?

Thanks !!!


Check here:


If it’s Youtube then you only ever need a standard license. Unless it’s that rental stuff they do/used to do. You can use the track up to 52 times though if it’s a series of videos. If you do 53 videos then you need another standard license. A series of mildly related tutorials would probably be classed as a series. If you do 26 cookery videos and 26 golf tutorials then you’d have trouble classing that as one series.