Song ID please

They really need to start providing a link to the songs used in previews to make it easier to license.

Thanks for any help anyone can give.

Are you sure because that is not the same track in the preview.

It’s this right? Multi Screen Frames Pack for Apple Motion and FCPX by Promak | VideoHive

That’s the linked music file they list?

Yes the song is the same one in the VideoHive link as well but it isn’t the one you posted before.

In the item description on videohive thats the link they give - I agree it doesn’t sound the same so you may need to ask the author using the item comments on videohive

Thank you.

It’s actually mandatory! Such a shame that so few comply with the terms.

@Promak, why is the music not credited?? Please amend asap!


I sent them an email requesting song ID and have yet to hear back from them. I will definitely post if I hear anything back.