Something odd about this account? No Descriptions, No Watermarks? 63,000 Items?

I noticed that this user joined Audiojungle in December 2019 and has managed over 63,000 uploads.

They haven’t filled out their profile and their sounds have little or sometimes no description and many times no watermark, which surely breaks the rules of upload?

I have to say though that their sounds are of very high quality.

Just wondering if they are either:

  1. An extremely busy industry individual who is tirelessly uploading their entire professional library. Is it humanly possible to get 63,000 sounds up in less than 5 months?

  2. someone who has figured out a fast way to make cash and got some computer algorithm to upload a pro library (they have over 500 sales).

  3. Same as 2 but are somehow managing to stay off of Envato’s radar… as if you look at some of their sound effects, they surely would be pulled up by reviewers and asked to re-upload based on descriptions. If this is the case I would wonder if the library is even their own and if they are indeed based where they say they are (USA).

I’ll lay my cards on the table here and go with option 3. It just doesn’t seem possible and frankly quite unfair that we all go through such hard work to upload and this guy comes along with the largest library I have ever seen of what is very good stock sound.

Thoughts… somebody please say I have made a huge mistake and this is a demo account or something similar?

If the account is actually legit… I will take my hat off and say flippin’ well done Sir!


There have been similar cases before with other authors. It’s not impossible that Envato may reach private agreements with third party music producers to bring their work to AudioJungle, which could of course involve special conditions like circumventing the review process.

I’m not sure if that’s actually what is happening in this particular case, but it seems like a logical answer given the volume of items.