Something i consider a basic requirement not included in a paid theme...


I bought a theme and it’s all pretty fine except there is no interface for editing the single post templates.

i.e. i create a news/testimonial item and i can change pretty much nothing about the look of that page without knowing some php and jquery. i don’t know much about either.

is this normal practise? how would i have know about this?

The author of the theme isnt helping me as its “customisation” and the documentation is very bare.

any thoughts?


It’s normal, almost every theme not allow to edit posts or any post type like the portfolio.
This problem is not present in my themes due are based on WPTF and LISTS engine, that allow you to edit the post template and any post type like a standard page.

Theme that allow these are:

Edit post template details:

Hi @Liteform

Yes, that would required customization of the theme. If you are looking to hire, you can reach out to us. We provide customization services through Envato Studio

Uhhhmmm… don’t get me wrong guys, no offense, but that’s bullsh*$%t.

ANY theme with visual composer or another page builder can have it enabled on single post so you can build ANY layout and content on posts.

No special functionality required, no special theme required, no modification or customization required. Don’t misguide the man just to promote your themes and services.

No one is misguiding here. First of all, there is no mention of Visual Composer page builder in the post. And, even if it was mentioned, I don’t recommend building single testimonial or a single blog post using VC. It is a overkill.

Secondly, we don’t know the extent of customization needed. May be it is a simple work of just dragging and dropping elements which the user can do or it might be a complex work of customizing the elements according to user requirements which is why the theme author refused to support on it.

And, we are just trying to have a discussion with what the user needs exactly and guide him/her in the right direction.

Don’t speculate what the user needs.

This is what I said!

And this is what you said:

You DON"T KNOW if customization would be required!

This is what ThePixor said:

Both of you are clearly misguiding the user and “speculate”.

I am not here to argue, nor selling services or promoting my own items and I am not competing with you both, but keep this real and reasonable. There’s nothing bad in trying to sell your product or service. Just don’t do it by making false statements.

BTW, a single blog post made with “page builder” on a well built theme loads in 0,8 - 1,4 seconds. Overkill is what some themes do, not the use of page builder.

Anyways - good luck to both you two and the original poster.

ANY theme with visual composer or another page builder can have it enabled on single post so you can build ANY layout and content on posts.

Also, you don’t know if the theme is using page builder. And as a matter of fact, the theme author termed the user’s request as “customization” ( Something out of the scope what the theme has to offer ).