Someone who can do video effect showing muscles working / gym style // PAID JOB

I have a video of a girl training doing some simple exercises. I want to show or even freeze the video for a few seconds or slow motion and try to do an effect where it isolates her muscles and shows what is exactly being trained.

It needs to be clean and professional style. No cheesy stuff.

These are videos maximum 5-7 seconds.

I found this one, it’s terrible style but the concept is correct -

This video of the IRON MAN effect is kind of similar to what I want in theory and style but obviously it’s not exact -

This is my video that I want it applied to, for example when I am doing twists, it should make it either freeze for a second or go very slow mo and then target the side obliques to highlight the area being worked out with a red or blue type of tone hologram/effect maybe with some type of effect also -

I can’t find exactly examples of what I want, but hopefully you understand. If you know some examples you can send me from any adverts or videos done online

I found some examples to show what I want - - see the glow effect everytime he lands - glow effect when she lands

The video is max 10 seconds, only for instagram - so 1080x1080

Then if I like whatever you can do, I will need 10 videos like this monthly easily for the next few months