someone to update my flatsome theme website to be amazing

I have a flatsome themed website. I am looking for someone to hire to update it and continually make it look professional. I have had 5 people tell me they knew word press. So looking for an experienced WordPress (prefer they know the flatsome theme) I would like proof of your expertise. Sorry, 5 people have totally ruined my website this year and we keep having to backwards.

For starters I want home page made to represent us and I need a video gallery. I do not have time, so if you are honest, fair, I will be loyal and continue to have you update this site. I have many wants on my list an zero time to do this myself. MUST BE FROM U.S.A. - I will not change my mind on that so please do not contact me if you are not from United States.

this site does nothing to represent that we create marketing videos for led signs, plasma, kiosks, explainers. It is horrible. We also strip down our custom content and offer if for sale on our site.

Look at for vetted freelancers.

It’s up to you who you work with but if it were me and someone cannot provide a portfolio (preferably on themeforest) or will not share examples publicly then that is a huge red flag.

Good luck

Problem is I get firms from India…and they are the original cause of my problems. They charged me $2300 and then held my site for ransom…they kept wanting $100 for “tweaks” even after I had paid in full when I wanted them to release it to me…they would not…I finally kept calling them everyday and had to yell at the girl so finally they turned unfinished and broken to me. I pay all along just as they asked, I didn’t ask for anything extra…so when I post on the envato I get India firms.

So disheartening that we can’t find help here. Thanks. I will continue to try!

Envato studio are all checked and approved by envato - if something went wrong they would be able to help you unlike if you find someone randomly - I’d definitely look there.

If you’d like to work together, here’s my Studio

Sad to hear that. Because of such unprofessionals, professionals like us who do serious works are also affected. I sent you a PM, please check it.

I am really shocked to read about this experience of yours.