Someone to install a template so it is the same layout as the demo

Hello All
I am a paramedic trying to update my website - i purchased the JOOMLA XEN Creative Agency template - I have spent 5 hours today and cannot work out how to get the template supplied to look like the DEMO template - I am prepared to pay to get assistance with this - I dont want the demo photos but i do want the exact layout - I have used joomla for many years because i dont need to know how to code - but this template is proving problematic - cannot get any of the page layouts or modules shown in the demo?
thanks in advance Mike

I’d suggest start by reaching out to the author - if that doesn’t work have a look on

thanks Charlie - have tried to contact the author - no response yet - but I am sure there is a time difference so I will wait till tomorrow - studio_envato will only install the template for you - I have already done that - I need the template to look like the demo - and without the demo files I dont believe that can be done - thanks for the reply