Someone stole my best seller and upload again to audiojungle.

OMG Hope Envato will do something about it !

Key note here is that this is being attended to because @E-soundtrax found it.

Who knows how many more tracks are stolen/re-uploaded.

Definitely in favor of @OuranioRecordings’s suggestion.[quote=“Waderman, post:9, topic:85365”]
All AJ authors should register to soundizer to prevent and be informed if either a VH author is using it or another AJ author illegal.

Does Soundizer notify you if/when someone steals your track and re-uploads it? Or would you have to periodically check your entire portfolio manually? I’ve never used the site, so I wouldn’t know.

Whatever the case, I think an internal ID system should be handled on Envato’s end, and not the author’s.


Of course no system is fool proof - removed the technical details regarding how you can actually do this but some hackers might edit the original wav file so that they would end up with slightly slower and lower or faster and higher “new tune” without losing sound quality. Not sure how the algorithms handle those kinds of changes - do they still understand it is same music.

I’m also worried about his only follower too :open_mouth:, Don’t want to blame anyone in public, but It looks like the It’s the same guy ? … :hushed:

It’s obviously the same person. Even the avatar is similar

Friends composers! In any case, no one can not ever protect themselves against plagiarism, we must fight it! You do not even know where they can be resold to your tracks. More or less like this

That’s really low, there’s got to be something they can do to deter this…

Why is this clowns profile still open?


wow, this is very serious! The link was hidden by Envato, can someone send it to me please?
I would like to check the portfolio of this crook…

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Indeed. How in the world can his profil still be online, and “his” tracks still available for sale?!

@Kingdog @matthewcoxy @scottwills you were called out at the beginning of this thread regarding this very serious copyright issue. And yet there was no response from you whatsoever and the fraudster is still offering stolen music for sale. Did you guys not see this thread? Or did you read it but thought it was not important? What’s the deal here?


Yes, I would aslo like to hear an answer from staff. My track and the other one from alex_bess was taken down, but I´m not sure if this was a move from audiojungle or not. I still waiting an answer from support, but I know this can take several days, for that reason I wrote in the forum. Also I can´t understand how this pass the reviewer ears, my track is on the popular files of the week since 2015 and the other one from alex is very popular on videohive and have more than 2100 sales… We need some changes here, like an ID proof for all authors and some kind of content ID system.


My biggest worry is that, besides theft obviously, the thief actually gets to keep the money he made from stealing all this time. please tell me that his “earnings” are being retracted and are going to the victims. E-soundtrax, Alex Bess, and who knows who else.

Can someone PM the the profile in question? I want to check if anything else has been stolen… disgusting!


Astonishing that this can happen ! ID proof is necessary.

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Well, his second account is suspicious too and im sure envato is checking that one as well.

Could you send me the name of the accounts, please?

Done… keep in mind he only has 2 songs left now, and soon nothing (they are both stolen as well).

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Heya. The process for copyright infringements is to contact the Help Team or to submit a DMCA takedown notice. The forums have never been the place to call out authors or items.

Please also see our Help Centre for more information on copyright.



Heya back atcha. I know the forum’s rules, been there a while. I never called out the author nor their items. I don’t understand why you’re avoiding a conversation that could be beneficial both for Envato and the community.

Anyway, thanks for the link to the Help Center. Now I know. Problem solved KD.

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This is horrible! Speechless :anguished: Can you please send me link to his profiles? I wish to see that. Thanks!

All this is so sad :unamused: