Someone published theme with same name in the same category, What to do?

01 April 2017: We have published Mentis Psychotherapist responsive HTML template

20 July 17: We published the WordPress version with named “Psychologist- WordPress Theme Mentis”. URL

Now I see RedExp published a theme last month Mentis - Therapy and Counseling WordPress Theme ( URL )

So My Question is, Why Envato approved this theme on the first place? Is it that RedExp is Elit Author?

How I can report this to envato?


Send Envato a copy of your trademark or registered copyright on the name, and they’ll get in touch with the author to ensure that they make the relevant changes.

Hi, The name is not copyrighted but as per envato policy, Authors can not publish an item with same / partial name.

Where I can email them?

Go to

Is that a policy here? If you have a link to it for future reference, that might come in handy.

I don’t have a reference link. But Last time, I have submitted an item and then the reviewer told me to rename the item because the name match partially with another item.