Someone please explain me this intrussion in my earnings

Hi. I’m selling this item for $119 dollars:

And clearly it says that what I will earn are $51:

However, THAT IS NOT TRUE. What I really earned in a sell is $20 dollars.

So, from my own work Envato and taxes takes 55% of the earnings, I can understand and I can live with that, but how is possibly that from my ““real”” earnings what I real earn is less than the half???, with a sell price of $119 how is possible that all what the seller earn from that is only $20?. Less than a quarter, who really want to sell knowing that our earnings from our works are really infravalorated?, I feel cheated and like a slave, because my work is valued in much more than just $20 dollars.

Please someone explain why this earning price.

Author fee for non exclusive authors is 55%. Use this calculator to understand your earnings.

First of all thankyou for comment and trying to help, but I don’t understand what you are saying, since $20 real earnings from a total price of $119 is much less than the 55%.

And this is what the calculator says:

For the Set Price of $119 with an Author Fee of 55 % with a US Withold Tax of 0% for each sale you will earn $53.55

However that is not true, what I really earned are $20, not $53.

US tax is 30% :slight_smile:

But …are you seeying and undertanding that a total earning amount of $20 from $50 equals to 40% of earnings and the rest of the $30 that I didn’t earned following your reason will equals to a 60% percentage of a (supposedly) tax?.

So from a sale price of $119 Envato first is taking the 55%, that is ok, that is what I accepted at the moment to sell here, then after that I have $51 ““real earnings””, and from those $51 another unknown thing is taking the 60% so what I really earn are $20 for a product valued in $119, WTF???

Who can explain me this abusive infraction that affects to the seller?, $20 total earnings from a sale price of $119, do the maths, who can really explain me why this is happening?.

this is what the calculator shows me

For the Set Price of
with an Author Fee of
55 %
with a US Withold Tax of
5 % (Spain, right?)
for each sale you will earn


If you do not provide a Form W-8, we are required to treat you as a US person and ALL sales will be subject to backup withholding tax of 28% (regardless of the buyer’s location).

Tax Information & Form W-8 Requirements for non US Authors

For the Set Price of
with an Author Fee of
55 %
with a US Withold Tax of
28 %
for each sale you will earn

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but don’t get me wrong, I understand your pain and I know how confusing this is :confused:

Thankyou so much.

Yes I’m from Spain, and I am a individual seller.

In what is called a “Form W-8” I really don’t know how to fill the necessary "Tax ID Number " field. Maybe you could guide me a little bit in the right direction?, to know which kind of entity in my country would provide me or assign me this info?. I really don’t know anything of how tax works and how can I be verified as a NON-US person. I never heard before about a “tax id number”.

EDIT: No matter, I better will email to to ask for help. Anyways if you would like to provide me some info as the noob I am, then I will appreciate your help.


Use your NIF

@SpaceStockFootageo oh, easy, thankyou.

Last question, I must enter my NIF but which of those options I must select?:

  • Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)
  • Foreign Tax ID Number

…I suppose the last, but I will be secure on what I’m doing.

Foreign tax ID.

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