Someone else log in to my account and a new user and it's charge from my Card

Before few hours ago i got a message that it’s charged $185 from the account. when I check my Envato account I see someone added a new user (email removed) add 2factor to account. can any one tell me is there is any way that we can find out log in location with that account and how can we apply a refund for this. this is not done by me at all.

thank you

I am sorry that happened to you. To resolve that, you need to contact Envato support here and explain to them what exactly happened. They will look into that and get back to you regarding refund and if there is something else to be done.

It’s probably Elements subscription so you should contact Elements support:

I did, I have sent 3 requests but so far no any response. i just blocked my card to prevent any future payments.

Support could be a little bit slow - no worries, you’d get the refund…
PS: Avoid creating multiple tickets, it may effect in a bad way…

Envato support team doesn’t work over the weekend, that’s why slight delays occur. They will reply as soon as they get to that ticket, depending on ticket queue which can be longer on some days. There is no need to open multiple tickets as that will only slow down things and may cause confusion on their side. I can understand you are worried, but things like that also need investigation on their side, and as soon as they check what happened, you will be informed about refund or asked to provide some additional information.