Someone asking me to sell white label license

Hi there all , i’m here to discuss something with you guys.

From yesterday i’m getting emails from some american company , who want to buy a white label license for my script Buckty, So after all of the talking they did say me this.

After this they say that they offer $ 1000 US to you because they will customize 50% of your current source. They said that their developer wants 2000 dollar to customize few things , so thats why they are offering me this.

I just wanted to know , what you guys think and what you guys would have said to them or have done in this situation?

hi, as personal experience i suggest you to never do that. When i released my first script on code canyon someone approached me and offered me 1500$ usd to buy my script then i refused and decided to take my chance here on Code canyon then after all i have make more than 30 000$ sales with my script you can imagine how glad i am now to have refused that 1500$ of course it was a big amount for me in that time but i do not regret at all my choice.


Thanks for your valuable reply. Actually i have already denied the offer as i’m thinking of launching huge update for my script .and include many more things. just my busy schedule is keeping me bit away to do that.

Ofcourse i will not be giving my code for just 1k as i have worked really hard 5 months on this and have worked very hard supported my clients and fixed all of the bugs to make it perfect.

Second when they asked for a ‘white label license’ - were they not asking for you to remove the file from sale here also? If not then as an exclusive author here you would have been on breach of your author agreement also.

All in all it sounds like you made a wise decision

I would not breach anything from agreement… Even if i would have found an agrement with them … I would have approached them through envato team for making my self secure from the scams. And yes they didnt ask me to remove my item from envato … But asked me to give license for code to redistribute it.

Some guys approached me also on first week of my application release. It happens. It’s totally your choice but you may loose exclusive author badge and earning.

I’m not considering this offer at all. i have said to them to buy extended license from envato if they want. and don’t contact me personally about this.