someone advise me?

I do my best to understand what it is about, I listen to other profiles and I do my best in mixing but I can’t get my compositions approved.
the message I received was this: This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.


I’m not in the studio at the moment to do a more thorough analysis. the theme is good, but the arrangement seems to me to be very repetitive in my view, in addition to sounding a very exaggerated reverb mainly in the snap of fingers.


Good track! Some things that I think could be approved:

  • The guitar has a great tune, but it sounds very sharp in the highs and somewhat unnatural there. Especially the first chord has a sharp frequency peak. If you did processing like high pass filtering or compressing, turn that a bit down, and add a dynamic equalizer to trace the peaks and reduce them a bit :slight_smile:
  • Also try a more natural sounding piano, and make it have a more flowing velocity, and a I guess lower volume. That will make the track sound more consistent and relaxed.
  • Maybe try a different string sound in the end, this one is a bit creepy and doesn’t totally fit the rest of the sing I think. SpitFire has nice sounding free strings.

Cheers and good luck!


I think the main issue here is just that the mix isn’t quite at the level it needs to be. Here are the things I noticed from a quick listen through:

  • Guitar sounds quite harsh, as TacitSoundProduction noted. Look through a spectrum analyzer and you will see what I mean. There’s a huge peak around 3 kHz, take an EQ and cut that way down. If you have something like Pro-Q3 you can do a dynamic peak, otherwise just a regular EQ would make a big difference as well.

  • Piano and pads are muddy in the low mids. This is most noticeable at about 40 secs in when the beat cuts out. You can hear the chords kind of overlap one another which is usually not what you want. Especially on that last chord, where the G chord overlaps the F chord and creates a lot of unwanted dissonance.

  • Personally I think the voicing of the piano and pads is too condensed in the low notes. I would go for a more “open” voicing where the 3rd of chord is higher in the register. When the 3rd is too low it causes muddiness, which I think is what’s happening here (in addition to the overlapping chords)

  • I think the entire track needs more bass. Your sub bass region (<100 Hz) is almost completely empty except for the very soft kick drum. I know this is ambient but you still need to fill out the frequency spectrum for a complete sounding track. A subtle sub bass or bass guitar would go a long way. Doesn’t have to be that loud in the mix but right now it’s nonexistent.

Hopefully some of this helps. Your track has a nice foundation, just needs a little work on the mix to be competitive with other similar tracks on the site.


Thank you all for the time to listen, I appreciate it very much and it was very helpful. I’m not going to give up xD