Somebody Help Me Please....

I don’t understand why my this item is reject.
AI File.
Size: 4x4, 4x6, 6x4 in
Bleed: 0.25in
Please Help Me.

Not having your demo project in this thread, nobody will be able to help you

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Sorry, I understand and edit my post. Please check and reply.
Thank you.

Hi ;]

it’s simple:

  1. Background - max 2 min of work
  2. Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V small (not blurred) heart shape
  3. Big heart shape + texts

All of this is 10 min of work for average designer and in the result we have design which can’t compete with 90% + this kind of designs on the market.

You need to make something more ambitious - just go and type in “valentine” in GR search and see what is on the market.

I don’t want to give you design tips etc because you have youtube where are tons of very cool tutorials … for free :slight_smile: but I can give you one small but basic tip -> “time saving” item - make something others want to buy to save their time during work. Our customers are not idiots - mostly they are designers too and they are buying our works to save their time when something is to do.

If you will stick to this rule and start judging your work if it’s time saving (and it’s aestethic) … you’ll succeed :slight_smile: Good Luck.


I completely agree with you

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hi u have mainly issues of disposition and typo indeed but really major issues about these points … first of all the top right part -or at least most of it - should rather been more central and added to love party so that this is seen, valued and making sense … all the header texts are too close from edges …having the text spread like this is not purely a good idea , too … beware of readability issues for the footer … finally the typo is not outstanding , not matching super well and most of all hard to read at some points … keep in mind that information are important they are the ones generating the need of creating a visual in the end …

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