Some wanted improvements for Reviews/Ratings on Envato

Hi Envato,

We are a team who sell WordPress Themes & Plugins on ThemeForest/CodeCanyon. We have several members in our author team. Below things will make our author life more easier (I believe I’m not alone):

  1. Provide API for getting reviews/ratings info from author’s account. Able to filter by items, rating or maybe date.
  2. Provide options for master author account to decide to show/hide reviews/ratings info to other author team members.
  3. Each time we get a new rating, we receive an email notification from Envato which includes every review/rating information except the buyer username, that would be awesome if that missing information added to the email.

Looking forward to your feedback on that.

Best Regards,
Thony @ ThimPress

Any feedback, @scottwills?

Hi @ThimPress! I’ll pass along your thoughts and ideas to someone directly involved with our API and ratings/reviews system. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: