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The design is way way 2 bad.

You need to work on your design it is very simple to be approved.

  • Bad alignment
  • Need to work on your line-height,
  • Font size too small
  • Menu not working

These are only the primary reasons that your item is not approved, you have a lot of work to do for it to be approved.
Look what themes/templates are on themeforest to understand what a design needs to be.

No idea

How can you argumentate your conclusion?

I don’t know what you saw here on themeforest but your design needs a lot of improvements. I checked your css file and you put to much weight behind selectors which is bad div.some-class, try to avoid defining the tag name before selector also you should have maximum of 3 selectors depth if it’s deeper you should rethink your design/structure.

I’m sorry to say this but I didn’t see anything good in your design to be approved, your elements are aligned all over the place

so so

Why there is nothing good?
You mean the look?
Can you show what is good?
The word design does not stand for good aligning good size if font. It is a general look of page.
Show me the sites that are good?

its a pitty

Here I took the first item from “One page” category “Olive” take a closer look at paragraphs, colors, font and the whole page structure. When you look at the page you know what to expect and where to find it.

I’m not saying that the design is great but it has a minimum content/feel to be approved, the elements are aligned properly, the space between them is consistent, easy to read the text etc.

Can you make something similar to this with your template, the answer will be No.

You should not be mad here about what people say, better study the market and what it requires from your item, analyze what people said before raising any further questions. I gave you some brief explanations what you should work on and I am not even a designer but I know what are the requirements from an item.

If a designer will take a look at your item, trust me you will get and answer that you will not like at all.

Either hire a designer if you are a developer or if you’re a designer study more about design.

I am an awarded designer, worked with Huge companies in industry and consulted F500 companies for the Product UX.
You asked for critism and you take it. The design is not either looking good or feeling good.

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Calm down, no one is obliged to show you anything and whatever you will say will not change the mind of the reviewer. If most people say it’s bad then instead of arguing you should work on improving your item.

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Hello FtrStudio.

I see that despite the feedback you got, you still insist on your website template being good looking.

First of all, the navigation bar on top is way too simple and very badly aligned across the vertical axis.

Secondly, the flexslider you integrated is also poorly aligned. There is a white line on top of it. In addition to that, the typography is awful and the two circles at the left bottom side of the slider are positioned improperly.

Furthermore, the catalogue of materials is poorly designed. The chosen typography is too simple and vague while the font inside the catalogue items boxes is too small. Additionally, there is no distinction between the catalogue and the advantages section.

Moreover, the portfolio section also contains poor typography taste and the navigation controls are positioned far away from eye’s reach (as long as what you see first is the picture) thus making the visitor search for it.

The very same thing applies to the rest of the template in which the buttons are improperly positioned as well as contain poor choice of typography.

I would recommend you to start from scratch and come up with something more unique.

Have a good day.

Ok if you think that, then do this kind of work and you will never publish any items on themeforest, also that was an example and please filter your language.

Why ask for feedback, if we are all garbage?

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They won;t accept it if you make minor changes, you need to make major changes to be allowed to resubmit a hard rejected item. But as this item does appear to need major changes to bring it up to scratch, then there shouldn’t be an issue with resubmission if it’s considerably improved.

I feel the logo in the top right is too small and to plain. The menu text looks a bit too small and the top menu looks a bit too thin as well. The fonts are a bit dated. The whole top of the page looks like it;s some kind of black and white page, and then you scroll down and there’s some colour that looks kind of out of place. If you’re using green in the footer then it might be an idea to use a splash or two elsewhere. Text in the middle of the top panel looks a bit scrunched up and too bold.

The circles that drop down don;t really seem to serve that much of a purpose and they look out of place. The product images look a bit boring. Yes, I’m sure some people will want some kind of sand and materials site, but couldn’t you jazz it up a bit and go for clothing, wine, pieces of art etc.

I don;t like the borders at the side of the images and the lack of borders at the top and bottom. The images look a bit scattered and lonely on their own, they could do with a description beneath them. There’s seems to be a massive gap between the products and then the advantages.

I don;t like the grid behind the image, looks a bit 90’s/00s, and the image looks a bit lost in the large panel. The order right now panel looks a bit thrown together… the layout and spacing could probably be a lot better. Client reviews seems like a massive panel for such small content as well.

Map looks good. The footer is ok, name phone and callback look a bit weak like in the other panel. Those are just my opinions as a website visor though… I’m no designer.