Some one Clime about my product (Copy Right) How can I solve this problem?. I have all document

Hello there. I am very sad today. i get Copy right issue but my design and code totally deferent also plat form is deferent my platform is JavaScript and who is clime this about me. he is working on php. but he clime against about me. How can I solve this problem?? i have all document. please help me

You don’t have any items for sale?

Without seeing the two to compare it’s hard to judge.

The category difference is not relevant. You could not create a version of someone else’s item in a different category and publish that. You need express permission and extended licenses form the original author to do that.

What is the documents you have?

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this person clime me Chat GPT OpenAI - AIgency - SAAS and HTML 5 version by polarcodes
and my app you can compare this my app design and develop using JS

Code is totally deferent

It’s not a category I know a lot about and our work security does not like your link so will not allow us to open it.

Others in the forum (perhaps @mgscoder or @ki-themes) can give an opinion but (again without seeing it) using a different platform or code is only part of avoiding copyright if there are other similarities.

Given that you have no items for sale - did you take the item down or did envato? If it was envsto then you need to talk to support because otherwise you could find your account being blocked.

1 sale but envato remove my item

Then you definitely need to talk to envato - them removing it will be an automatic (they have to) reaction to a copyright claim, but only they are able to reinstate the item and prevent issues with anything that you try to upload in the future

Envato Author Support


It’s hard not to say that both items looks similar but you need to create a ticket as @charlie4282 suggested, Envato team will check/compare the items and they will decide.

I do not agree that there has been a copyright violation. Can the item be reinstated?

For more information about lodging a counter-notification see the Envato Market Intellectual Property Policy. If we receive a valid counter-notification, we will send a copy to the person who submitted the original DMCA takedown notice (claimant), and then wait 10 business days. Unless we receive a notice from the claimant that they have filed a court proceeding against the Author within that time, we will then reinstate the item within 14 business days from when we received the valid counter-notification.

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Can I upload new item new idea in my account and Now have any impacts for my account ?

I would resolve the current issue first esp. if you think it is unfounded and can prove it.

100% I have all document and I will able to prove this because my app develop using react js and node js express js. thank you

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I think that you can create code “Chat” but some different and better design maybe many sales. Your account register april 2023, other author that sell “chat” create a account March 2023. it’s difficult demand about code and design.

They will probably ask you to fill a form ( They may have sent an email already before after disabling the item ), just follow the steps .
If you haven’t received the email ( somehow ), just contact Envato support and create a new ticket Tell them you’re the owner of the item and it’s not stolen.

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I already send my File

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Just wait for the answer. They will guide you for the next step.


Now i am building another project can i upload in my account ?

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Yes, you can upload other item, good luck.

Thank you JeriTeam.Your support I never ever forget

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You can try and submit a new item but you would be making a mistake.

the reviewer will be able to see that there is an open copyright claim against your account which will make it harder to get approved and you run the risk of bigger problems.

Rushing to try and submit items or generate sale sis the number 1 biggest mistake by many new authors.

It’s your risk, but as per feedback only hours ago from very experienced users, you avoid taking any risk by just being patient and allowing the first issue to be resolved.


better create new item (no chat) because said @charlie4282 that difficult approved item for chat, he already explain you because. good luck.