Some honest Advice why my track was rejected

I know I’m not alone with my question. I would love some opinions and honest feed back. I really want to improve but not sure what to focus on. Appreciate any help.

Hi There,
Firstly, it’s quite a catchy little tune. I’m not sure it would fit into any category on Audiojungle though.
I would try to experiment with different sounds than the ones you’ve used here. Everything seems to be in the low end and gives it a very muddy quality. I can hear the theme being played on a vibraphone or something that gives it some brightness. The same with the drums, all too low end.
Unfortunately with a track like this there is no commercial appeal to it.
Keep going, i wish you all the best.


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G, thanks for taking the time to listen and get back to me, your advice is EXTREMELY helpful as I am anxious to improve. Ironically, it dawned on me that my original idea did have vibes in it but the client didn’t like it (podcast intro/outro) so I changed it. I’ll go back and revise things. This track may not have the commercial appeal but I can improve on future tracks. I’m still at a stage where I have to write about 6 tracks to get one good one!
Much appreciated

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Hi, not bad at all, but the sounds are not the best and there is a big timing issue at 00:09".

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Thanks, seems I really need to improve on my sounds. I’ve received this comment a few times. The sounds I tend to use are generally from Logic and I try to alter the synths. I also have EW (subscription) Albion One Spitfire. I’m getting the feeling that these libraries work better for Cinematic. Any suggestions for sounds heard about Splice - and yes I’m aware that sounds CANNOT make up for poor writing (like at 00:09). Just trying to solve this common theme.
Thank you so much for your feedback!

Your lead sound is very prominent in the midrange. There’s not much space for a voice over. This is is limiting the usability of your track.